North Carolina Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

N.C. OCME Staff Directory

Administrative Support Team
Name Title/Affiliation Phone
Brecher, Bradley Agency Legal Consultant 919-743-9000
Fore, Trish Staff Development and Training Coordinator 919-743-9000
Vacant Purchasing Assistant 919-743-9000
Harrell-Ifedi, Mary Case Management 919-743-9000
Horne, Tammy Case Management Supervisor 919-743-9000
Johnson, Diane Transcriptionist 919-743-9000
Jones, Tarus Case Management 919-743-9000
Langley, Sonya Case Management 919-743-9000
Lewis, Jnanya Case Management 919-743-9000
Lindsey, LaQuita Administrative Specialist 919-743-9000
Marshall, Nikki Operations Manager 919-743-9000
Martin, Curt Data and Information Unit Supervisor 919-743-9000
Miller, Alison Epidemiologist/Grant Program Manager 919-743-9000
Ngwalla, Cindy Data Abstractor 919-743-9000
Pearson, Sherry Administrative Supervisor 919-743-9000
Vacant Transporter and ME Administration 919-743-9000
Scott, Winnifer Lead Case Manager 919-743-9000
Yancey, Willater Administrative Specialist 919-743-9000

Name Title/Affiliation Phone
Aurelius, Michelle, MD Chief Medical Examiner 919-743-9000
Haikal, Nabila, MD Associate Chief Medical Examiner 919-743-9000
Vacant Forensic Pathology Fellow 919-743-9000
Janssen, Kimberly, MD Deputy Chief Medical Examiner 919-743-9000
O’Neill, Zachary, DO Associate Chief Medical Examiner 919-743-9000
Nelson, Craig, MD Associate Chief Medical Examiner 919-743-9000
Scott, Lauren, MD Associate Chief Medical Examiner 919-743-9000
Venuti, Susan, MD Associate Chief Medical Examiner 919-743-9000
Vacant Associate Chief Medical Examiner 919-743-9000

Pathology Support Team
Name Title/Affiliation Phone
Yorkdale, Tracy Autopsy Facility Manager 919-743-9000
Allen, Donald Autopsy Technician 919-743-9000
Allgood, April Medicolegal Death Investigator Supervisor 919-743-9000
Barnes, Katelyn Autopsy Technician 919-743-9000
Becker, Jason Lead Autopsy Technician 919-743-9000
Boston, Ahja Autopsy Technician 919-743-9000
Gibbs, Clyde Medical Examiner Specialist 919-743-9000
Harris, Karmen Medicolegal Death Investigator 919-743-9000
Hyson, Brian Medicolegal Death Investigator 919-743-9000
Jones, Sandra E. Medical Examiner Specialist 919-743-9000
Planiczki, Amanda Autopsy Technician 919-743-9000
Robinson, Peyton Autopsy Technician 919-743-9000
Ryan, Linda Histotechnologist 919-743-9000
Smith, Kristen Medicolegal Death Investigator 919-743-9000
Winner, Jennifer Medicolegal Death Investigations Supervisor 919-743-9000
Zimmer, Sarah Autopsy Technician 919-743-9000

Toxicology Section Team
Name Title/Affiliation Phone
Bishop-Freeman, Sandra, PhD Deputy Chief Toxicologist 919-743-9011
Brower, Justin, PhD Toxicologist 919-743-9011
Durham, Valerie Evidence Technician 919-743-9011
Feaster, Marc QA/QC Chemist 919-743-9011
Fox, Lauren, MS Chemist 919-743-9011
Friederich, Laura Chemist 919-743-9011
Friedman, Brittany Chemist 919-743-9011
Grillo, Michael Chemist 919-743-9011
Hensel, Erin, MS Laboratory Supervisor 919-743-9011
Hudson, Jason, PhD Chief Toxicologist 919-743-9011
Irrizary, Amy, MSFS Instrument Chemist 919-743-9011
Karanth, Neesha Chemistry Technician 919-743-9011
Keck, Margaret Chemist 919-743-9011
Mahate, Safah, MS Chemist 919-743-9011
Marvin, Rachel Chemist 919-743-9011
Palmer, Kara Administrative Specialist 919-743-9011
Schuster, Alyssa Administrative Specialist 919-743-9011
Vacant Chemist 919-743-9011
Thomas, Orianna Chemistry Technician 919-743-9011

Child Fatality Prevention Team
Name Title/Affiliation Phone
Mayhew, Lisa Child Death Investigator/Trainer 919-743-9000
Young, Kerry Social Research Assistant 919-743-9000
Vacant Director 919-743-9000

Regional Autopsy Centers
Name Address Phone
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) 4312 District Drive
Raleigh, NC 27607
Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner's Office 3440 Reno Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28216
East Carolina, Brody School of Medicine, Division of Autopsy and Forensic Services 600 Moye Blvd.
Greenville, NC 27834
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Medical Center Blvd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27157


Last Modified: August 17, 2020