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N.C. OCME Staff Directory

Administrative Staff
Name Title/Affiliation Phone
Artis, Sharon Case Management Supervisor 919-743-9012
Fore, Trish Staff Development and Training Coordinator 919-743-9000
Harrell, Mary Case Management 919-743-9012
Hennie-Roed, Paula, MBA Program Administrator 919-743-9000
Humbert, Lisa Administrative Specialist 919-743-9000
Kohl, Tiffany Administrative Specialist 919-743-9000
Lindsey, LaQuita Administrative Specialist 919-743-9000
Lovelace, Arlene Receptionist 919-743-9000
Ludwig, Carol Database Specialist 919-743-9000
Miller, Alison Public Health Epidemiologist 919-743-9000
Miller, Deanna Case Management 919-743-9012
Moseley, Edmund Web Applications Development 919-743-9000
Poole, Lynn Administrative Specialist 919-743-9000
Scott, Winnifer Case Management 919-743-9012

Name Title/Affiliation Phone
Aurelius, Michelle, MD Deputy Chief Medical Examiner 919-743-9000
Haikal, Nabila, MD Associate Chief Medical Examiner 919-743-9000
Janssen, Kimberly, MD Assistant Chief Medical Examiner 919-743-9000
Nelson, Craig, MD Associate Chief Medical Examiner 919-743-9000
Radisch, Deborah, MD, MPH Chief Medical Examiner 919-743-9000
Scott, Lauren, MD Associate Chief Medical Examiner 919-743-9000
Venuti, Susan, MD Associate Chief Medical Examiner 919-743-9000

Pathologists - Mecklenburg County
Name Title/Affiliation Phone
Owens, Thomas, MD Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner 704-336-2005
Privette, Jonathan, MD Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner 704-336-2005
Sullivan, Michael, MD Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner 704-336-2005

Pathology Branch Support Staff
Name Title/Affiliation Phone
Gibbs, Clyde Medical Examiner Specialist 919-743-9010
Holloman, Bill Photographer 919-743-9010
Jones, Sandra E. Autopsy Technician 919-743-9010
Litchfield, Nicola Autopsy Technician 919-743-9010
Murphy, Rachel Autopsy Technician 919-743-9010
Page, Judi Autopsy Technician 919-743-9010
Sapp, Raven Autopsy Technician 919-743-9010
Walker, Kimwa Histotechnologist 919-743-9000
Yorkdale, Tracy Autopsy Facility Manager 919-743-9010

Pathology Branch Support Staff - Mecklenburg County
Name Title/Affiliation Phone
Banks, Linnelle Autopsy Assistant 704-336-2005
Cormier, Carol Investigator/Autopsy Assistant 704-336-2005
Coston, Elizabeth Administrative Assistant 704-336-2005
Fish, Bill Investigator/Autopsy Assistant 704-336-2005
Fisher, Elizabeth Autopsy Assistant 704-336-2005
Lajoie, Dawn, MD Forensic Pathologist 704-336-2005
McCain, Orlando Morgue Technician 704-336-2005
McCoy, Peggy Business Manager 704-336-2005
Schuck, Briana Investigator/Autopsy Assistant 704-336-2005
Thompson, Keith Investigator/Autopsy Assistant 704-336-2005
Thornton, Barry Investigator/Autopsy Assistant 704-336-2005
Wheeler, Eric Investigator/Autopsy Assistant 704-336-2005
Wooten, Stephanie Administrative Coordinator 704-336-2005

Toxicology Section
Name Title/Affiliation Phone
Beal, Jennifer, PhD Forensic Chemist 919-743-9011
Bishop-Freeman, Sandra, PhD Deputy Chief Toxicologist 919-743-9011
Brower, Justin, PhD Laboratory Supervisor 919-743-9011
Durham, Valerie Evidence Technician 919-743-9011
Feaster, Marc Forensic Chemist 919-743-9011
Friederich, Laura Forensic Chemist 919-743-9011
Hargrove, Robert Forensic Chemist 919-743-9011
Hensel, Erin, MSFS Forensic Chemist 919-743-9011
Kasecamp, Lauren Chemistry Technician 919-743-9011
Kingsley, Kimberly Administrative Technician 919-743-9011
Kornegay, Nina Forensic Chemist 919-743-9011
Lloyd, Amy, MSFS Forensic Chemist 919-743-9011
Macaulay, Karen Chemistry Technician 919-743-9011
Smith, Douglas L., MSFS Forensic Chemist 919-743-9011
Winecker, Ruth, PhD Chief Toxicologist 919-743-9011

Child Fatality Prevention Team
Name Title/Affiliation Phone
Mayhew, Lisa Child Death Investigator/Trainer 919-743-9000
Miller, Nicole Social Research Assistant 919-743-9000
Radisch, Deborah, MD, MPH Director 919-743-9000


Last Modified: August 19, 2015